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DEM is a school in the European side of Istanbul now accepting enrollments for Sep 2019. DEM is building a personalized learning environment for 2 age groups: 3-6 (preschool) and 6-9 (primary).

Personalized learning approach prioritizes the individual and aims to provide a learning experience that can adapt to each child’s needs and interests. The Montessori philosophy and method that we adopt at DEM serves as a strong base for personalized learning.

Our learning environment is bilingual (English & Turkish) with English being the dominant language for all age groups. The 3-6yr group (preschool) is purely English. The 6-9yr group (primary) also includes Turkish workstations and exposure to Turkish language.

DEM differs from a traditional school in many ways… It was started by parents to provide the highest quality education for their own children. Children are not forced to sit in classroom seats, but can move freely. Children are expected to develop self-discipline and direction, are given the opportunity to choose their work and take ownership of their daily/weekly learning goals. Teachers do not lecture or dictate, but guide the child through his or her learning journey. There are approximately 6 children per teacher, and children are continually exposed to all teachers, not just one. There are artists-in-residence (“atelierista”), who work with each child to promote creativity as well as depth and breadth of expression. Developmental goals and performance of teachers are taken seriously and are monitored as closely as that of the students. Experiential learning is valued. Children work in the school garden and kitchen and have regular experiences outside of the school for nature and city visits.

Following DEM, it is of course ideal for a child to continue his or her education in a similar, alternative manner. A self-disciplined young person learning for the joy and excitement of learning may not necessarily enjoy sitting in a classroom, listening to 40-min lectures in a homework and exam-based setting. However, the common observation from similar schools around the world is that the children who transfer to traditional schools display very high academic performance when compared to their peers.

Our school will be located in Istanbul’s European side.

School fees will be published in the Spring of 2019. DEM is not a profit-making school and commits to investing all fees into improving the quality of education in a transparent manner.

-Which education method is implemented at the school? Which institutions support the school in implementing a proper educational approach i.e., who monitors and accredits the quality of education?

-What are the values and character traits that the school aims to develop in children?

-How many children will there be per teacher? How will this evolve in following years?

-Are the teachers trained and certified in the education approach you are using?

-How does the school manage teachers’ professional and personal development, what is the development budget per teacher?

-How are the teachers assessed, what are their performance goals?

-Tell us about your literacy program and library?

-How much time will my child be able to spend outdoors?

-How does your school handle discipline?

-Which company caters your lunches? Can we see a sample weekly menu?

If you would like to know more about us, please fill in the information form. . Let’s evaluate your child’s needs together and discuss what DEM has to offer.

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Get more information about enrolling in our preschool or primary school

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