The first few years of life are often considered the most critical in education.

Your child’s brain is forming 700 new neural connections every second—
and there’s no other time in his life when his brain will be so open to learning or so influenced by their learning environment. Your child’s brain is rapidly absorbing and setting up the framework for how it will learn and react for the rest of his life.

For this reason, choosing your child’s school for ages 3-10 could be one of the most important decisions that you make about their education. You want to find a program that lays a foundation for a lifetime of passionate learning, one that will nurture and guide your child and give them confidence as they set off on their educational journey.

This is what we aim to achieve at DEM.

Personalized Learning

Our goal is to stay true to the Montessori philosophy and approach to maintain a personalized learning environment. Children plan, experience, touch and manipulate for their own learning needs instead of sitting and listening to lectures. A child who is given room to follow her curiosity and who is given tools to plan her own learning program will eventually take charge of her own learning journey.


Experienced artist-teachers (‘atelieristas’) work closely with our children assisting and provoking them to promote depth and authenticity of expression. Art materials and environments are available for use throughout the day and not restricted to certain class hours.

Healthy Children

It is a natural extension of school to go out and participate in life, so outdoor learning is a core part of our learning experience. Our Ecoliteracy Program aims to expose each child to sustainable production, participating in work in the school garden and kitchen. We prepare lunches and snacks in-house with organic ingredients.

Bilingual Environment

English is the dominant language in our environment. We believe in diversity and gladly accommodate children who don’t speak Turkish. However, all our children are naturally exposed to both languages and there is a literacy focus for both. Children who are ready and interested in a 3rd language have the opportunity to practice that starting in primary school.

Technology Program

Our goal is to raise young people who can learn with technology, produce technology, and adapt to new tools, but also have the discipline to step back and disconnect when they need. We believe in minimizing screen time in early ages, limiting our use of technology to arts and documentation. Our Technology Program increases exposure gradually in primary school.

Character Building

We believe in living our stated values. Our learning environment has the goal to reflect this and serve as an example, including the educators and administrators. Body Awareness and Emotions for Learning Programs also aim to equip children as they grow into young adults, who know themselves, their priorities and can set their own direction and purpose.

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